About Me

I am an incoming Ph.D. student in Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, advised by Prof. Sharon Yixuan Li. Before joining Sharon’s group, I obtained my MS degree in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Seoul under supervision of Prof. Kyungwoo Song and Prof. Jiyoung Jung. I had the privilege of working with Zhi-Qi Cheng, Alexander Hauptmann, and David Mortensen during visiting at Carnegie Mellon University, and internship at NAVER AI Lab allows me to be advised by Dongyoon Han and Sangdoo Yun.

I am broadly interested in machine learning and representation learning. Recently, I have been immersed in realizing reliable AI from the context of large-scale foundation models in the wild. To that end, I have explored the intersection of representation learning, robustness under distribution shift, and efficient transfer learning of foundation models.


(conference, journal, and * denotes equal contribution)

  • Perturb-and-Compare Approach for Detecting Out-of-Distribution Samples in Constrained Access Environments
    Hee-young Lee*, Hoyoon Byun*, Changdae Oh, JinYeong Bak, Kyungwoo Song
    ECAI 2024

  • First Step for Theoretical and Practical Foundations of Robust Visual Prompting
    Gyeongdeok Seo*, Changdae Oh*, Kyungwoo Song
    IJCAI 2024, The Trustworthy AI Workshop

  • Language Model-guided Student Performance Prediction with Multimodal Auxiliary Information
    Changdae Oh, Minhoi Park, Sungjun Lim, Kyungwoo Song
    [paper] [code]
    Expert Systems with Applications 2024

  • Bibimbap: Pre-trained Models Ensemble for Domain Generalization
    Jinho Kang, Taero Kim, Yewon Kim, Changdae Oh, Jiyoung Jung, Rakwoo Chang, Kyungwoo Song
    [paper] [code]
    Pattern Recognition 2024

  • Towards Calibrated Robust Fine-Tuning of Vision-Language Models
    Changdae Oh*, Hyesu Lim*, Mijoo Kim, Jaegul Choo, Alexander Hauptmann, Zhi-Qi Cheng, Kyungwoo Song
    NeurIPS 2023, Workshop on Distribution Shifts

  • Geodesic Multi-Modal Mixup for Robust Fine-tuning
    Changdae Oh*, Junhyuk So*, YongTaek Lim, Hoyoon Byun, Minchul Shin, Jong-June Jeon, Kyungwoo Song
    [paper] [code]
    NeurIPS 2023

  • Robust Contrastive Learning with Dynamic Mixed Margin
    [paper] [code]
    Junhyuk So*, YongTaek Lim*, Yewon Kim*, Changdae Oh, Kyungwoo Song
    IEEE Access 2023

  • BlackVIP: Black-Box Visual Prompting for Robust Transfer Learning
    [paper] [code]
    Changdae Oh, Hyeji Hwang, Hee-young Lee, YongTaek Lim, Geunyoung Jung, Jiyoung Jung, Hosik Choi, Kyungwoo Song
    CVPR 2023

  • Learning Fair Representation via Distributional Contrastive Disentanglement
    [paper] [code]
    Changdae Oh, Heeji Won, Junhyuk So, Taero Kim, Yewon Kim, Hosik Choi, Kyungwoo Song
    KDD 2022


  • Robust Adaptation of Foundation Models with Black-Box Visual Prompting
    Changdae Oh, Gyeongdeok Seo, Geunyoung Jung, Zhi-Qi Cheng, Hosik Choi, Jiyoung Jung, Kyungwoo Song

  • Mitigating the Linguistic Gap with Phonemic Representations for Robust Multilingual Language Understanding
    Hae Ji Jung, Changdae Oh, Jooeon Kang, Jimin Sohn, Kyungwoo Song, Jinkyu Kim, David R. Mortensen

  • TC-BERT: Large-scale Language Model for Korean Technology Documents
    Hyeji Hwang*, Changdae Oh*, Eunkyeong Lee, Taero Kim, Yewon Kim, Yunjeong Choi, Sungjin Kim, Hosik Choi, Kyungwoo Song
  • Graph Perceiver IO: A General Architecture for Graph Structured Data
    Seyun Bae, Hoyoon Byun, Changdae Oh, Yoon-Sik Cho, Kyungwoo Song



  • Research Intern, NAVER AI Lab
    Mentor: Dr. Dongyoon Han and Dr. Sangdoo Yun, Apr. 2023 ~ Aug. 2024
  • Visiting Student / Collaborator, Carnegie Mellon University
    Mentor: Dr. Zhi-Qi Cheng, Sep. 2023 ~ Feb. 2024

Awards & Scholarships

  • DEI Scholarship Travel Awards, CVPR, Apr. 2023
  • (Scholarship; USD 41K) AI Intensive Program at Carnegie Mellon University, IITP and Sogang University, Mar. 2023
  • (1st place) Outstanding Paper Award, President’s prize, University of Seoul, Feb. 2023
  • (2nd place) Presentation Award, Workshop on Data-Driven Chemicals Management, University of Seoul, Feb. 2023
  • Student Travel Awards, KDD, Jul. 2022
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship (half-tuition), University of Seoul, Feb. 2021
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship (half-tuition), University of Seoul, Aug. 2020

Academic Services

  • Conference Reviewer
    • 2024: CVPR, NeurIPS
  • Conference Volunteer
    • 2022: KDD