About Me

I’m a M.S. student at Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (MLAI) lab in UOS/Yonsei, under the supervision of Prof. Jiyoung Jung (adviser) and Prof. Kyungwoo Song (co-adviser).

My research interest includes:

  • Robust Fine-tuning of Large-scale Models
  • Debiased Representation Learning
  • Multimodal Learning


Publications (International Conference)

  • BlackVIP: Black-Box Visual Prompting for Robust Transfer Learning
    [paper] [code]
    Changdae Oh, Hyeji Hwang, Hee-young Lee, YongTaek Lim, Geunyoung Jung, Jiyoung Jung, Hosik Choi, Kyungwoo Song
    CVPR 2023

  • Learning Fair Representation via Distributional Contrastive Disentanglement
    [paper] [code]
    Changdae Oh, Heeji Won, Junhyuk So, Taero Kim, Yewon Kim, Hosik Choi, Kyungwoo Song
    KDD 2022


  • Language Model-guided Student Performance Prediction with Multimodal Auxiliary Information
    Changdae Oh, Minhoi Park, Sungjun Lim, Kyungwoo Song

  • Recycling Deep Learning Models for Few-shot Radiographic Image Analysis
    Hoyoon Byun, Changdae Oh, Taero Kim, Hojun Park, Jaehun Jung, Kyungwoo Song

  • Multimodal Learning for Social Event Analysis
    Changdae Oh, Hoyoon Byun, Minhoi Park, YongTaek Lim, Kyungwoo Song

  • Interpolation-based Training-free Out-of-distribution Detection
    Hee-young Lee*, Hoyoon Byun*, Changdae Oh, Kyungwoo Song

  • TC-BERT: Large-scale Language Model for Korean Technology Documents
    Hyeji Hwang*, Changdae Oh*, Eunkyeong Lee, Taero Kim, Yewon Kim, Yunjeong Choi, Sungjin Kim, Hosik Choi, Kyungwoo Song

  • Multi-purpose Technology Commercialization Recommender System with Large-scale Korean Language Model
    Hyeji Hwang*, YongTaek Lim*, Changdae Oh*, Seungyeon Kim, Eunkyeong Lee, Yunjeong Choi, Sungjin Kim, Hosik Choi, Kyungwoo Song

  • Robust Contrastive Learning with Dynamic Mixed Margin
    Junhyuk So*, YongTaek Lim*, Yewon Kim*, Changdea Oh, Kyungwoo Song

  • Graph Perceiver IO: A General Architecture for Graph Structured Data
    Seyun Bae, Hoyoon Byun, Changdea Oh, Yoon-Sik Cho, Kyungwoo Song

  • Geodesic Multi-Modal Mixup for Robust Fine-tuning
    Junhyuk So*, Changdea Oh*, YongTaek Lim, Hoyoon Byun, Minchul Shin, Jong-June Jeon, Kyungwoo Song


  • Education Contents Analysis and Relation Extraction, TIPS, Dec. 2022 - present
  • Education Contents Relationship Analysis with Multimodal Learning, AI Digital Innovation Sharing University, Dec. 2022 - Jan. 2023
  • Multi-purpose Technology Commercialization Documents Recommendation, KISTI, Mar. 2022 - Nov. 2022
  • Epidemiological Relevance Evaluation Technology for Vaccination Reactions, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Mar. 2022 - present
  • Keyword Extraction for Technology Commercialization Documents, KISTI, June. 2021 - Oct. 2021